Jul 15 2009

More news from the front

posted by: Pete

Almost all vocals and all bass tracks are now finished. Rhythm guitar and backing vocals still to go! We might try to get a couple of photos of the sessions online later.

Also – at least one live gig coming this fall. More information to come when all the details are clear. If you want to book us, our email address is at the bottom of the page.

Jul 10 2009

First day

posted by: Pete

We just finished our first day at the studio, got Mikko’s drums and Matti’s lead guitar on tape. Looking Sounding good!

Jul 7 2009

SS @ Studio 2009

posted by: Pete

We’re going to record our second demo on the following weekend and during next week. The yet untitled demo (working title: Hard Listening Old School Death Metal, hahahah!) will likely feature five new tracks of which a few will be released only as a download on this site.

We’ll try to update this news page from the studio to fill you in with the latest intel from the front!