Dec 28 2014

Studio update, vol. 2!

posted by: Mikko

Drums – Completed!

Nine songs and 25GB of ProTools noise pollution. It took two days, dozens of takes, tons of swearing and caused some broken nerves, but drums are now on tape awaiting the guitars and vocals. No sleep ’til hammersmith, the string violation will start next week on our headquarters!


Noise pollution.

Dec 27 2014

Studio update, vol. 1!

posted by: Mikko

Today was the very day to begin the recordings and our drummer Kurre was first in the line. Next three days are allocated to drum recordings at JR Audio/Danko tones studio facilities, the idea is to get nine songs plus intro recorded. The journey started at 10:00 am to Vilppula, which is a small town in central Finland. Vilppula is basically located in the middle of nowhere, so it is quite ideal place for a studio.

Some landscape from the journey

Some landscape from the journey.

Daniel (Danko) was eagerly waiting for our arrival, and after it we started to carry the gear in immediately. The drum gear was set up quite fast, and the recordings were about to start. We chose intro plus two songs as a target for the day which, in retrospect was too little.

Kit ready to unleash the beast.

The kit ready to unleash the beast.

It took multiple takes for each song, but in the end we managed to record five(!) songs plus intro. It is pretty fast pace, if you consider it took also couple of hours to set up the gear.

The beast unleashed.

The beast unleashed.

Another day at the office (control room).

Danko and Kurre having another day at the office.

Time went by quickly and we decided to wrap the day up at 7:00 pm, when Kurre wasn’t able to feel his toes anymore. There is some bass drumming coming for the album to say, haha! The sessions continue tomorrow, there is still four to go. Thanks for Danko from his hospitality, patience and pyttipannu!

Dec 20 2014


posted by: Mikko

Time for update! It is always nice to write about things when everything goes ok and there is progress in things, but right now it is not the case.

Next post had to deal about promo photo shooting sessions. As you see it from the headline, there has been some challenges. For personal difficulties (illness, timetables, etc.) we had to cancel the shooting sessions. Bummer. So the post and some images from these sessiosns will be later on.

To add, all the song modifications have been done, recorded, but not decided yet. We have been sweating blood and tears to record some revisions in our rehearsals. Ok, we managed to do it. But… Somehow all the recordings from the “core” sessions managed to escape to the “bit heaven”. Shitloads of work, and nothing on the tape. Fuck! Do not ask. Blame Cubase.

Any ways, we learned our lesson and the outcome is that even though our producer Aadolf will not hear the “ready” versions, we managed to make some innovations. That’s only in our heads right now, not on the tape. So there is something brilliant coming on, so you’ll see.

These setbacks… We show our middle finger to them! All the bands have setbacks, and right now is our time to eat the dirt. Timing would have been better, but fuck it, we will not change our schedule. The recordings will start next week. The SS train cannot be stopped anymore.




Dec 10 2014

Studio blog online

posted by: Pete

If you want to hear the latest news from the recording of the debut album of Shrapnel Storm, head to or click on the link “Letters from the Front” in the header of the page.

There’s already a few entries written by our very own drum maestro, check them out.

Dec 10 2014

Rehearsing modified song constructions

posted by: Mikko

The idea for this week was to compose and rehearse all the modifications our producer was suggesting. Aadolf gave some ideas for five of the nine songs, so there surely was a job to do. And not an easy one. It’s quite difficult to modify a song that has been rehearsed some way in your muscle memory and try to invent something creative to get a better end result.

We needed also to record all the modifications, and make our own analysis basing on that (before sending anything to our producer). Well, the analysing part is easy one, you can always trust your hearing instinct and decide what is good enough to end up in final version. The recording…pfffff.

As said, if something is in your muscle memory, you really need to concentrate to play differently, and it really seems it’s not the strongest side in our band, haha! So… Numerous takes and bad playing, but at least we got somewhere. It seems we still need to record some of the ideas at incoming week, but right now we have quite good mutual agreement for all of the modifications. We’ll hope our producer gets into this state also.

Dec 10 2014

The journey begins

posted by: Mikko

Hi folks,

We thought it would be nice to hear about the progress for our debut album, so here it is… THE RECORDING JOURNAL!!!

Story this far

After summer, we’ve been busy writing new material for our debut. We didn’t want it to be a collection of our demos, so the pressure to get new songs in the line was hard. To analyse the writing period, we’ve succeeded very well. We managed to make 6 total new songs, and combined those with old somewhat semifinished stuff we have made totally 9 new songs during four months. We’ve been rehearsing a alot, but at this point we can say it’s been worthwhile.


There is an old saying “The debut can be made only once”, so we thought it would be best to make it as professionally as possible. To get some results, we need a guy who can mix the album well and create sound that rocks the world. This guy for us is Daniel Rantanen. Daniel has been working with Finnish extreme metal groups like Curimus and Hateform, and he has very high ambitions in his work, so we have found an excellent guy for us.

We also need an extra pair of ears to hear our new material, and to suggest some things we could do better. Shortly: a producer. Aadolf Virtanen is a blue collar worker in Finnish metal industry. Besides he has been playing hundreds of gigs, he’s been reviewing thousands of bands in media, and has the sense to find out the strengths and weaknesses of a metal band. So we welcome mr. Virtanen into our team.

The album

The album is going to include nine songs of pure old school, groovy death metal. The new material is in the spotlight, but there is also couple of re-recorded oldies over there. It will be released by Witches Brew Records, and the releasing is scheduled to late April 2015.

Next up…

A kickoff meeting with the production team.

Dec 10 2014

Kickoff meeting with the production team

posted by: Mikko

In a misty november evening 28.11.2014, the band and the production team gathered together to Aadolf’s (producer) recidence at Valkeakoski, Finland. The idea was to go through all the musical and non-musical issues and ideas about the incoming album.


The album team. At this stage, all looked professional?

By this point we had recorded a pre-production demo in our rehearsal place, including 12 songs. One target for the meeting was that when we end it, we all have a common understanding which songs are going to be at the album and what is the order of songs.

At this point Aadolf presented two different ideas about the album construction and we started the debate about the songs.We all had of course our personal favorites, so we were a bit afraid we couldn’t do it without a serious fight. Luckily our producer had been doing his homework pretty well, and he had a basic idea which all of us could agree. We ended in mutual understanding quite fast, and it seems quite reasonable as well! The album will include 9 songs plus intro, and the duration will be a bit under 40 minutes.

Next up at agenda was song analysing. We listened all the nine songs ending up to the album, and Aadolf told us his thoughs about the songs. To summarize: songs are in quite good shape, but there came some brilliant ideas to add dynamics to some of the songs. So that’s the plan for next week: we’ll try to make these work in practice and pre-record different versions of the songs.


The album team. Common understanding was accomplished!

We discussed also about the recording methods and the schedule of recording with Daniel. The drums and vocals are going to be recorded at JR-Audio studios at Vilppula, Finland. Drums are of course first in the line and the recording is scheduled to start at the end of December. All the guitars will be recorded in our rehearsal place, and the start will be at the beginning of January 2015. After this vocals, which will be at the very end of Jan 2015 or in the beginning of Feb 2015.

We hope everything is ready in about a month after this and we’ll have the album master in our hands in the beginning of March 2015. So by this schedule the releasing is late April or in the beginning of May 2015. Hope we can stay in the schedule!

At some point we noticed all the talking goes around things not related the album production, so we decided to wrap up the meeting and proceed to the nearest bar. To summarize the evening: the meeting was very productive and now we have clear targets to do things. There is a hellish workload awaiting, but the intentions are good.

Dec 8 2014

Full length coming up!

posted by: Pete

Currently untitled debut album from Shrapnel Storm will be released by Witches Brew next year!

“The Brewmistress ventured to the front lines of Tampere, Finland and was met by a vicious old school Death Metal bulldozer aptly named SHRAPNEL STORM!!! Their as of yet untitled debut full length, containing 9 tracks of BOLT THROWER, OBITUARY and BENEDICTION inspired pure Death Metal, will be out on Witches Brew in April 2015! Into battle!!!”


Check out the latest information from Witches Brew @ Facebook