Jan 25 2015

Studio update, vol. 6!

posted by: Mikko

Greetings from the SS headquarters! All the rhythm guitars are now done, so it seems we’ve proceeded to the “better half” of recordings! Tohtori Mäkitalo completed his duty today playing two last songs (out of ten) by two different amplifiers, so we can call it a day!

Currently Aki is still masterminding a couple of solos which will be included to the album. It shouldn’t be a big issue to play them, so we can say all the six strings are almost there. With this speed we can expect everything is ready with the recordings before mid-February. Phew!

At this stage we can already say something from the album sound. Even though there is nothing mixed yet, the guitar raw sound mixed together in ProTools is FRIGHTENING good! Heck, we are making something very special here. Death metal world! You’ve been warned!

Next weekend you may wonder why the earth is vibrating? Do not worry, the vibration comes from our headquarters where Pete is pummeling his bass like a maniac!



Jan 18 2015

Studio update, vol. 5!

posted by: Mikko

Hi folks! It’s been one week since last update, and we’ve had some progress again! Slowly but surely. This weekend Tohtori Mäkitalo was in line, so strings were punished again. After we saw Tohtori’s mealbag, we knew this would be a productive weekend. It was loaded with non-alcoholic beer and cola, just to mention.

There was some technical challenges with the amp output levels once again, so mr. Murphy was also present. However, we managed to come out with dry feet quite quickly, and the result from the weekend was all the five songs from drop D tuning* recorded.

* Edit by Pete: Because there were only engineers present, we didn’t use mundane terms like “D” or “C” but 73.42 Hz and 64.41 Hz, respectively.

There are still another five songs left (all the stuff from drop C 64.41 Hz tuning), and we continue next weekend in our headquarters. A couple of collective shots from the sessions below:

This time duct tape was not the solution.

This time duct tape was not the solution.

What could go wrong?

What could go wrong?

Jan 11 2015

Studio update, vol. 4!

posted by: Mikko

This weekend our target was to finish all Aki’s guitars, and we managed to do it! It took one week (four recording days) to make it. Consensus at the studio was that the results were quite perfect.

Only one song, title track “Mother War” could be described as an obstacle in the sessions. Even though Aki himself composed the song, some parts seemed to be quite difficult. So it took quite a lot of takes to get it in perfectly. Maybe it being the title track has something to do it; I had also severe problems with drums to get it right, haha!

Anyways, it seems things are going according to schedule. By keeping this timetable, the release can be expected April-May 2015. Next weekend Tohtori Mäkitalo starts his job with six strings, while Danko is right now doing some creative mixing.

When it comes to the album, the structure seems to formulate. The preliminary song list for “Mother War”:

1. “There Will Be Blood” (intro)

2. Carpet Bombing

3. Detracked

4. “BoneHead”

5. Calling of the Void

6. Warfiend

7. Mother War

8. “Sludge”

9. Radars Down

10. Rising Storm

Total playing time will be around 38…40 minutes.

Stay metal and keep your radars up!



Jan 7 2015

Guitar challenges

posted by: Pete

Earlier this week we continued with guitar tracks lead by Aki. We are using a couple of different tunings for this album and realized when Aki detuned his guitar down to C from D that our current sound gets too low for our instrument mics. We started to get distortion (not the right kind, mind you!) on the low end of the sound spectrum. Sound got a bit too muddy and the static crackling of microphones being on their very limit didn’t help. We realized that something needed to be changed.

After tinkering with our equipment and consulting our mixing mastermind, Danko, we resolved the issues by lowering the volume from the Randall amp in question and attenuating some lower frequencies. Usually this would result in loss of some “oomph” in the guitar sound, but luckily the low growl of C-tuned guitar works pretty nicely with the slight changes to the amp’s sound. I personally feel, and the general consensus at the studio seemed to agree, that the guitar sound is best that Shrapnel Storm has recorded thus far. OK, in all fairness, we’d be damned if that wasn’t the case, this being the debut and all, hahah!

I mentioned some of the equipment we are using in the making of this album, we might write a whole blog update about our mics, amps, instruments and so on later, especially if there’s interest in our readers? See you next time.

Jan 4 2015

Studio update, vol. 3!

posted by: Mikko

As planned, today we started guitar recordings with Aki. We worked approx. six hours and the outcome was 32 pieces of ProTools guitar tracks, played via two different amplifiers. Means four songs by Shrapnel Storm mathematics. Better than we expected.

Aki (de)tracked.

Aki (de)tracked.

There was seen also miraculous “track-ready-by-one-take” in the sessions, so the myth is busted! Anything is possible in our camp! To be continued…

Jan 4 2015

Searching for perfect guitar sound

posted by: Mikko

This day was dedicated to sound searching before the actual guitar recordings. We started at midday and worked several hours w/Danko. Different mikings, three different amplifiers and lot of different sounds. Nothing has been done soundwise so professionally at this camp so far. We really are satisfied with the outcome.

Setting up.

Setting up.

Teamwork searching.

Teamwork searching.

Gear stacked.

Gear stacked.

Everything is now set up, so we really hope there isn’t anyone burning down our headquarters in the night!

Tomorrow’s agenda: string recordings vol 1, Aki performing. Good times!