Guitar challenges


Earlier this week we continued with guitar tracks lead by Aki. We are using a couple of different tunings for this album and realized when Aki detuned his guitar down to C from D that our current sound gets too low for our instrument mics. We started to get distortion (not the right kind, mind you!) on the low end of the sound spectrum. Sound got a bit too muddy and the static crackling of microphones being on their very limit didn’t help. We realized that something needed to be changed.

After tinkering with our equipment and consulting our mixing mastermind, Danko, we resolved the issues by lowering the volume from the Randall amp in question and attenuating some lower frequencies. Usually this would result in loss of some “oomph” in the guitar sound, but luckily the low growl of C-tuned guitar works pretty nicely with the slight changes to the amp’s sound. I personally feel, and the general consensus at the studio seemed to agree, that the guitar sound is best that Shrapnel Storm has recorded thus far. OK, in all fairness, we’d be damned if that wasn’t the case, this being the debut and all, hahah!

I mentioned some of the equipment we are using in the making of this album, we might write a whole blog update about our mics, amps, instruments and so on later, especially if there’s interest in our readers? See you next time.

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