Studio update, vol. 6!


Greetings from the SS headquarters! All the rhythm guitars are now done, so it seems we’ve proceeded to the “better half” of recordings! Tohtori Mäkitalo completed his duty today playing two last songs (out of ten) by two different amplifiers, so we can call it a day!

Currently Aki is still masterminding a couple of solos which will be included to the album. It shouldn’t be a big issue to play them, so we can say all the six strings are almost there. With this speed we can expect everything is ready with the recordings before mid-February. Phew!

At this stage we can already say something from the album sound. Even though there is nothing mixed yet, the guitar raw sound mixed together in ProTools is FRIGHTENING good! Heck, we are making something very special here. Death metal world! You’ve been warned!

Next weekend you may wonder why the earth is vibrating? Do not worry, the vibration comes from our headquarters where Pete is pummeling his bass like a maniac!



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