Feb 8 2015

Other moms play, Mother War kills!

posted by: Pete

We just finished the recording of our debut album. Fuckin’ A! The album will be titled MOTHER WAR and the final track list is as follows:

1. Casus Belli (intro)
2. The Carpet Bombing
3. Detracked
4. Combat High
5. Calling of the Void
6. Warfiend
7. Mother War
8. …to Each Battle
9. Radars Down
10. Rising Storm

This weekend composed mainly of vocal recordings. First it was time for some MacGyver shit because Ykä needed a way to read his lyrics while growling to the mic.



Engineering masterminds to the rescue – an old Korg pedal box, some duct tape, a mic stand and a smart phone equals an improvised teleprompter! All rights reserved.

Saturday went fast with Ykä and Aki recording some vocals. We continued today with some more vocal parts and then went on to finish some bass sections and guitar solos. All in all a very productive weekend and like I said, we are now finished with the recordings.

Next we’ll be waiting for our mixing genius Danko to provide the first mixdown of all the tracks. I think our producer Aadolf is anxious to hear them, too. I personally am celebrating currently with a glass of Caol Ila. I am a bit tired but content.

Hopefully soon we’ll have more news for you concerning our cover art and plans for a music video. Shrapnel Storm, over and out.

Feb 1 2015

Low frequencies in the studio

posted by: Pete

I just got back from the studio and I can report that all bass lines are now recorded for the album. It took most of the weekend but everything is now on tape. Well, not so much on tape as on a hard drive in ones and zeroes, but you get the picture.

I think one song even got recorded on a single take which was nice!

Naturally the weekend didn’t go without any hickups – just when we were finishing the last song for the album, the .105 string snapped from my bass. I was using almost new d’Addario RED series strings, which are very cool looking but I cannot attest to their quality now. I was of course prepared and had other strings laying around and we got even that last pesky song recorded.

Casualties of War

Every war has it’s casualties

All in all it was a productive weekend and now we have left a few finishing touches to the guitar and bass tracks, namely solos. After that the album is only missing one of it’s most critical aspects – vocals. Oh man, I can’t wait to hear the end result.