Mar 8 2015

Promo shooting sessions

posted by: Mikko

I guess this was about tenth time we tried to get our calendars fit together with our photography grandmaster Antti Kallio, and finally this is done!  The sessions were meant to be at early December 2014, but due all kinds of coincidences with recordings, health issues, personal schedules etc. we were forced to pull back these photo shooting sessions all the time. But! There is an old saying in Finnish “Hyvää kannattaa odottaa”, meaning it might be worthwile to wait when there is something good incoming.

Antti told us he knew a perfect place to take the shots, and we started our journey to drive about 150km to the Southern part of Finland. The shooting place was located at Kellokoski, and there was some old industrial buildings located in a quite compact area. Immediately when we arrived, we saw Antti had chosen a perfect place to take the shots. This was going to be METAL!

(Evil)Pete, Ykä and Aki.

(Evil)Pete, Ykä and Aki.

Our agenda was to take some group shots in different places and formations as well as personal images from everybody. Antti had really done his homework; he had already inspected the area and found several potential places to take the shots. So basically our job was just to stand in different positions and move to another location when Antti told he was ready. Easy?

Awaiting the firing squad.

Waiting for the firing squad.

Well, at least the weather tried to mess the day up. There was around zero degree celsius and quite heavy wind, so it wasn’t always easy to stand in place, at least when we took shots with T-shirts on! Any ways, we’re elated of Antti’s patience and professional grip of doing things. The session was over in one hour and the photos we saw through camera screen were amazingly good.

Tohtori captured.

Tohtori captured.

So, now it’s all about getting the mixing done and preparing the artwork and shit like that. Maybe we should try to book some shows also. We’re gonna upload a lyric video in few weeks, when things have been settling down. It is gonna be from a song titled “Radars Down”, a fast and heavy piece from upcoming album.

Meanwhile you can check out Antti’s pages: