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Hello there! It’s been a while since last update, so I thought it would be good to shed some light what has been going on. Last few weeks have been very hectic for our mixing grandmaster Danko. As a band we have been doing some heavy iteration between different mixes and the final sounds ending up to “Mother War”. So basically the process has been so that Danko sends some stuff to us for a review, we make the iteration round and tell how we like it. It was not easy time, because we seemed to be quite frantic about the sound issues considering our debut album, haha!

The guitar sound was the most difficult; the original recorded sound seemed to be a little bit too “blurry” to sound as tight we wanted it to be. In the end it needed shitloads of work to sound satisfying, and to get it sound as a fucking cracker Danko had to make an additional round and re-amp the DI signals from guitar tracks. Once again, he made fantastic job, and somehow he got the guitars sound even better we thought it would be possible! After the overall sound was found we made another iteration round with the audio mastering. As the sound searching in the mixing was a nightmare, the audio mastering iteration process can be decribed as quick and easy.

As we’ve listened the audio master, we can honestly say that the outcome sounds better than we ever imagined. Even if the album sells only five pieces (to our relatives etc.), we can say with open hearts that this is the fucking best this band has ever made. Period. Nothing at this point could be done better, and we stand 100% behind the outcome.

The record making process took precisely four months. We started at 27th Dec. 2014, and we got the master in our hands 27th March 2015. There was some harsh periods, especially in the recording process (timetables, people seriously injured, technical difficulties…) and it crossed our minds that will this be ever ready? Well now it seems it will!  Our pleasure is to announce that today our audio master has been sent to Witches Brew, and from now on we only have to wait. WB will confirm the relesae date soon, but I guess it is somewhere in the end of May.

The second exclusive point in this post: Our cover art!

Cover art for Mother War. Made by Jenni Arola, 2015.

Cover art for Mother War. Made by Jenni Arola, 2015.

Even though there is some time before the release, the lyric video from “Radars Down” starts to be in a good shape. I guess we’ll release it somewhere in the middle of April.

Näihin kuviin, näihin tunnelmiin! (These are the images, these are the moods!)

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