Jun 15 2017

New music to celebrate 10 years of Shrapnel Storm

posted by: Pete

Around this time a decade ago we had our first band session under the name Shrapnel Storm. There has been some small roster changes since then, but mostly it’s been the same guys week after week and year after year.

To celebrate and to cut short this hiatus regarding new music, we proudly present a new song for you in Youtube format.

Welcome to “Mine Command Denmark” friends:

May 8 2017

Thank you Varjobaari (again)! First gig outside of Finland coming soon

posted by: Pete

We had a blast in Varjobaari, the upgraded venue was very cool. Varjobaari is supporting local underground bands, a valued service. Go there, drink beer and see live shows, guys.

Next stop for Shrapnel Storm will be St. Petersburg in June. It will be our first gig outside of Finland and our 40th gig alltogether.

It has been almost 10 years since the first training session under the name Shrapnel Storm. Goddamn, does time fly or what…

Nov 3 2016

Gig with Sotajumala tomorrow

posted by: Pete
Ode to Death

Sotajumala, Shrapnel Storm & Mindration live at Katse, Jyväskylä

Apr 28 2016

New songs and some gigs coming up

posted by: Pete

Sorry for the radio silence! Shrapnel Storm has been busy writing new material, some of which can be heard live on our next gigs. Couple of shows are confirmed for this year so far, next week in Vantaa and later this year in November we are playing with Sotajumala in Jyväskylä.

06.05.2016 Bar Bear, Vantaa (with God Disease, Devenial Verdict & Cauldron of Hate) – Facebook event here

04.11.2016 Katse, Jyväskylä (with Sotajumala) – Facebook event here

Support the underground and we’ll see you next Friday!

Dec 10 2015

Road trip!

posted by: Pete

As a way of saying thanks to you all for coming out to Shrapnel Storm gigs this year, I present to you: The Carpet Bombing.

Nov 30 2015

Thank you Finland

posted by: Pete

It’s soon December and Shrapnel Storm is done with gigs for this year. I think we played about ten gigs this year after recording our debut album, “Mother War”. It was a blast and I want to thank everyone who saw us this year. Thanks for the support, Finland!

Here’s a shot from our last gig in Pori, the people there were amazing.

Baarikaappi @ Pori

We still have one surprise for you before the year is over, more info on that later. Stay tuned.

Oct 26 2015

Autumn gigs

posted by: Mikko

Some big shows incoming! Good times ahead!

31.10. Turun Kuolema, Old School Death Metal Fe(a)st

21.11. Diablo & Shrapnel Storm @ Turku

28.11. Annis Metal Attack, Pori


Meanwhile… You can check out the latest “Mother War” review.

See you on the frontlines!!!

Jul 23 2015


posted by: Mikko

It seems Mother War has seduced also journalists, here are some examples of latest reviews:

Vertigo Magazine: 4/5

Imperiumi.net: 8,5/10

Inferno Magazine: 3/5

Metalliluola.fi 9/10

ZwareMetalen.com 93/100

The links for all the reviews can be found from our facebook page.

A couple of new songs were added into our soundcloud page also. Here’s an example:

Oh, and by the way. If you’re still hesitating to buy or not to buy, you can always go and stream the whole album at Witches Brew bandcamp!!!

Jun 26 2015

Mother War invades Finland!!!

posted by: Mikko

We got the cds today in Finland, so it’s available everywhere now!!! Even though the guy below lives opposite the big ball, he has all the needed in his hands! Be a man (or woman), buy the cd! MOTHER WAR is here!!!


p.s. check out the latest review: http://www.toiletovhell.com/review-shrapnel-storm-mother-war/

p.p.s. MW available in Finland starting on Friday 26/6 at levykauppa äx.

May 25 2015

Album preview!!!

posted by: Mikko

Mother War is currently streamable in Finnish online zine Metalliluola. We’re ending the premiere at the official releasing date 29/5, so be quick and take a sneak peek!