Live Ammunition

On this page you can find the latest information on live appearances of SHRAPNEL STORM.

Upcoming gigs:


Past gigs:

29.03.2019 Katse, Jyväskylä (with Mindration, Skeletal and Unborn Generation)

20.10.2017 O’Haras, Tampere (with Trail of Life Decayed & Sinfully Yours)

17.06.2017 Gorkny Pub, St. Petersburg, Russia (with Wömit Angel, Madred & TakaLaiton)

06.05.2017 Varjobaari, Tampere (with Refusal and Dead Samaritan)

04.11.2016 Katse, Jyväskylä (with Sotajumala)

06.05.2016 Bar Bear, Vantaa (with God Disease, Devenial Verdict & Cauldron of Hate)

28.11.2015 Baarikaappi, Pori (with Church of the Dead and Aratic)

21.11.2015 Logomo, Turku (with Diablo)

31.10.2015 Logomo, Turku (Turun Kuolema with Purtenance, Hooded Menace, Inferia, Lubrication etc)

2.10.2015 O’Haras, Tampere

22.8.2015 Side Club, Helsinki (with Amputory, Black Royal and Freedomination)

15.8.2015 Varjobaari, Tampere  (with Purtenance and Torture Pulse)

14.8.2015 Torvi, Lahti (with Purtenance, Torture Pulse, Damngod and Necropsy)

8.7.2015 Klubi, Turku (with Malum and Ruinside)

30.5.2015 Välibaari, Lempäälä (with A.R.G. and Worthless)

25.4.2015 Hevimesta, Oulu (with God Disease and Status Abnormis)

27.8.2014 – Vastavirta, Tampere (with Black Royal and Dead Samaritan)

6.6.2014 – Yo-talo, Tampere (with Pain Confessor and Corpsessed)

10.5.2014 – Hevimesta, Oulu (with Torture Pulse)

2.5.2014 – Bar Zet, Salo (with Metadonia)

19.4.2014 – Jalostamo,  Hyvinkää (with Purtenance and Saint of Disgrace)

16.4.2014 – Varjobaari, Tampere (with Excuse)

13.3.2014 – Vantaa, Ravintola Pormestari (with Nihile)

22.2.2014 – Club Escape, Riihimöki (with Anger Cell and Skirmish)

21.2.2014 – Lepakkomies, Helsinki (with Hanging Garden, Refusal and Skirmish)

7.2.2014 – Vastavirta, Tampere (with Re-Armed, Purtenance and Corpset)

24.1.2014 – Helsinki, Club PRKL (with Cemetery Fog, Witchcraft (FIN))

14.12.2013 – Motör Pub, Lahti (with Re-Armed and (psychoparalysis))

23.11.2013 – Varjobaari, Tampere (with Refusal and Trail of Life Decayed)

10.04.2013 – Varjobaari, Tampere (with Defiled Icon).

16.02.2013 – Varjobaari, Tampere (with Temppeliherrat).

09.09.2011 – Varjobaari, Tampere. 

13.11.2010 – Pelikenttä, Hyvinkää (with Sawhill Sacrifice, Nowen and Hellboozer Union).

12.08.2010 – Vastavirta, Tampere (with Efreet Sultan, Days of Disgrace).

02.07.2010 – Club Darkside, Helsinki (with Gorephilia, Damngod, Black Feast, Goatmoon).

10.06.2010 – Vastavirta, Tampere (with Metalucifer, Spiritus Mortis).

21.05.2010 – Metal over Riihimäki @ Escape, Riihimäki (with Anger Cell).

14.04.2010 – Vastavirta, Tampere (with Lie in Ruins, Damngod).

25.09.2009 – Rentukka, Jyväskylä (with Antirauhanturvaaja, Farewell & Dead On’s).

21.11.2008 – Rocktown, Hämeenlinna (with Pain Confessor).

24.10.2008 – S-Osis, Turku. With Obedient Chaos & Nothing Left.

16.08.2008 – Kurarock 2008, Pertteli (with ZX Spectrum, Moottörin Jyrinä, Exsecratus and others).